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- Tax treatment of an IPDI – IHT on creation.  Often an exempt life tenant and chargeable remainder beneficiaries (e.g. life interest to spouse then remainder to children) but what about the opposite case – e.g. life interest to unmarried partner than remainder to charity?


- Is the life tenant content?  Does the life interest give them sufficient support?  Is there a risk of challenge from e.g. a claim under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975?


- If either of the above points suggest the life interest trust is not the best route, how can it be altered?  A post-death variation, trust partition or disclaimer?  What are the different tax implications of each?


- Will the trust need to be registered?


Ongoing issues during trust's existence


- Is the life tenant also a trustee?  Issues with self-dealing and problems on loss of capacity.


- Income tax treatment while in existence (potential tax reclaim and impact of mandating income)


- Capital distributions, either advances to life tenant or potentially exercising an overriding power of appointment to pass capital to another beneficiary.  IHT and CGT impact.


- Investment policy


- Trust expenses – income or capital?


End of trust (either life tenant's death or advance/appointment of all capital


- IHT/CGT position


Contentious issues

- Is a life interest or shorter-term IIP going to satisfy a surviving spouse, or risk a 1975 Act claim?

- When is a life interest or shorter-term IIP a good solution to a 1975 Act claim, either by spouses or by other classes of applicant?

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Tips & Traps in Administering an interest

in possession trust

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