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Inheritance Tax and the liability of Personal Representatives – Who ends up paying?

Webinar, Recorded December 2019

Runtime = 50 minutes, mp4 format


- The distinction between liability to and burden of Inheritance Tax;

- Liability to Inheritance Tax for lifetime and on death transfers of value;

- Limitations on liability to Inheritance Tax – how much PR’s, Trustees

  and individuals be liable for and priority of liability between different

  persons each liable for the same tax;

- The burden of Inheritance Tax – Who ends up paying?

- Practical problems for PRs of deceased transferors and transferees;


- Practical protection for PRs.

Designed for

Private Client Lawyers

Tax Advisors


Presented by

Stephen Woodward, Three Stone Buildings

Stephen has practiced in the area of Personal Tax, Trusts, Wills and Estates (both in the UK and offshore) since 2002. He specialises in providing effective advocacy and clear advice on the taxation of individuals, and their trusts and businesses, to Solicitors, Accountants and Foreign Lawyers.

Stephen originally qualified as a Solicitor in 2002, and as a Chartered Tax Advisor (CTA) in 2005. Stephen maintains his status as a Chartered Tax Advisor (CTA). He previously worked at Withers LLP and at Payne Hicks Beach where he was a partner in the Private Client Department.

Stephen’s move to the Bar was prompted by a strong desire to specialise in providing high quality advice on a broad range of Private Client Tax and Trust issues. Whilst the subject matter of advice is often complex, he is guided by the principle that what clients need is clear practical advice on their options.

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