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Philip Rainey QC of Tanfield Chambers will examine;

- Adverse possession – a summary of principles

- LRA 2002 - Schedule 6

- Paragraph 5(4) – the third condition

- The reasonable belief requirement

- What does “reasonable belief” mean?

- What are the subjective and objective elements?

- Can a reasonable belief be gained or lost and if lost, how?

- The 10 year period

- What is meant by "promptly" in Zarb v Parry?

Case references;

Baxter v Mannion [2011] 1 WLR 1594 (CA)

Zarb v Parry [2011] EWCA Civ 1306, [2012] 1 WLR 1240

IAM Group Plc v Chowdrey [2012] EWCA Civ 505; [2012] 2 P&CR 13 McLeod v Brown (26/6/13 FTT unreported)

R(Best) v Chief Land Registrar [2016] QB

King v Suffolk CC [2017] UKFTT 6 (PC)

Crew v London and Continental Holdings [2017] UKFTT 47

Food Converters v Newell [2018] EWHC 926(Ch) Hepworth v Powell [2018] UKFTT 58 (PC)

Bryant v Champion [2018] UKFTT 329 (PC)

“Reasonable belief” in adverse possession

WEBINAR 10th October, 1-2pm Live and available on demand

£25 Single Licence - £50 Company Licence - 1 CPD HOUR


1 hour



Watching this webinar will help solicitors meet the following requirements set out in the Statement of Solicitor Competence

A2 - Maintain competence and legal knowledge

A4 - Draw on detailed