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2018 Property Litigation Conference

4th October, London, 9.30am - 4pm

£165 per person to attend.

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9.30am Round-up of latest cases and ones to watch out for,

Jonathan Gaunt QC, Falcon Chambers

10.10am Practical solutions to negotiating damages after Morris-Garner,

Andrew Francis, Serle Court

10.50 Morning Break

11.10 Mechanical and electrical issues in dilapidations claims

Nicholas Dowding QC, Malcolm Hollis

12.00 Update on leasehold consents

Tim Dutton QC, Maitland Chambers

12.45 Questions

13.00 Lunch

13.45 Practical look at restrictive covenants,

Brie Stevens-Hoare QC, Hardwicke Chambers

14.30 Liability for Removal of Fixtures,

Andy Creer, Hardwicke Chambers 

15.15 Afternoon break

15.30 Reasonable and “unreasonable" endeavours.

Katharine Holland QC, Landmark Chambers

16.10 Reasonable belief in adverse possession,

Philip Rainey QC, Tanfield Chambers

16.50 Questions and Close.

Paperless Conference - presentations and notes for this conference will be sent 10 days before the conference starts and available by an online link, if you have not recieved your link, please email

Pre-printed notes can be order for £10 per person

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Conference location

David Game College

31 Jewry Street

London, EC3N 2ET