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Webinar background

11 million people over 65 in the UK and around 1 million have some issues with mental capacity. Many illnesses may (but will not always) affect capacity- dementia, depression, and physical illnesses are examples. Early stages of illness may not be easy to identify but can affect capacity, joint working between lawyers and doctors is best in ensuring good practice and when instructing a doctor, lawyers should be expecting a comprehensive report which includes psychiatric and medical evaluation, cognitive assessment,  and statement on the specific capacity issue in question.

Our Autumn update webinar examines the latest probate cases driven by mental capacity issues including;

- Mental illnesses that affect capacity

- Case law analysis:

     - Memory loss and dementia

     - Bereavement, depression, and affective disorders

     - Delusions, pyschosis and delirium

- Review of wills consultation – does it go far enough?

- Case law analysis - current practice in assessment of capacity

     - When

     - Who

     - How

- The medical perspective on assessment of capacity

- Review of wills consultation – time for change?  

Presented by

Dr James Warner, Medical Director, Red & Yellow Care

Henrietta Mason, Pennington Manches

Adam Cloherty, XXIV Old Buildings

Ask questions during our live broadcast

Runtime = 90 minutes

Recording file type = mp4

Presentation slides with notes.

CPD = 1 hour

Watching this webinar will help solicitors meet the following requirements set out in the Statement of Solicitor Competence

A2 - Maintain competence and legal knowledge

A4 - Draw on detailed knowledge/understanding

Probate Case & Mental Capacity Review

WEBINAR 17th October 12.30pm - 2pm - Broadcast Live & Available On Demand

Cost to watch =  £50

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