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What's covered

Divorces amongst the over 70’s have increased by 50% since 2005. Such divorces raise a wide variety of specific issues, some of which come into sharper relief as a result of Covid-19. The law is the same for all ages, but the factors which come into play in such cases (not all of which are obvious) will often need careful and sensitive thought.  


This seminar will touch on, in particular:


     1     The changing nature of our client base.

     2     Consideration as to whether a divorce is the appropriate route.

     3     The impact of divorce on inheritance and wills, and estate planning


     4     Pensions and “pension gap syndrome”.

     5     Health and life expectancy.

     6     Variation applications brought later in life.

     7     Care home fees.

     8     Mental capacity and powers of attorney.

     9     People marrying later in life.

About our presenter

Max is a barrister and arbitrator at 29 Bedford Row. He was called in 2002. His practice covers all areas of family law, with a strong emphasis on matrimonial finance and Schedule 1 cases, often involving substantial and complex assets spread over various jurisdictions. He has a particular interest in company and trust issues, and matters concerning disputes over chattels. Max also specialises in issues arising from marriage and divorce amongst the elderly.


Max has a particular expertise in issues relating to issues of foreign marriages, nullity, religious marriages and divorces, acting in both K v K (nullity: bigamous marriage) [2017] 2 FLR 1055 and Akhter v Khan [2019] 1 FLR 575.


Silver Separators

Webinar - 12th May, Live at 3pm


Presented by Max Lewis, 29 Bedford Row