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Schedule 1 & Relocation Update Podcast

Presented by

Andzrej Bojarski,

Hannah Jones and Kate Tomkins of 36 Family

Recorded May 2019

During this 80 minute recording, the presenters cover;

- The unmarried couple options

- Who may apply

- Limitations for the benefit of the child

- Jurisdiction issues

- The available orders

- Periodical payments

- Lump sums

- Settlement of property

- Transfer of assets

- Legal cost allowances

- The principles to be applied

- Duration of orders

- How many applications?

- Agreements

- Later applications over settled property

- Procedure

- The voice of the child

- Interface with TOLATA

- Relocation dilemas

- Domestic law

- Lastest guidance from case law

- Tips for making the application

- Enforcing arrangements for the child to spend time with the other parent if not

  EU or 1996 Hague Convention country

- Proposed questions to experts

- Enforcement

CPD - 1 hour (SRA A2)

Recording format - mp4 with MS Power Point Slides.

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