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Parental Alienation

Webinar, 29th January, 1pm - 2.30pm, Live and also available on demand


There is a growing increase in private law children matters where one parent alleges that their relationship with their child is being disrupted by the other and that this constitutes parental alienation.

This webinar brings together a lively debate with Jeremy Ford at Cambridge Family law Practice, formerly of Cafcass Legal and Alison Bushell an independent social worker who specialised in parental alienation.

They will address the common themes in parental alienation cases, offer tips and tactics during these high conflict cases and explore the other side of parental alienation, i.e., where one parent is simply unable to admit the role they have had to play in the presentation of their child. This webinar is aimed at solicitors and barristers with a private law practice.

Presented by

Jeremy Ford, Partner,

Cambridge Family Law

Jeremy is a family law solicitor with a very unique background in disputes involving children. He has recently returned to private practice as a Partner at Cambridge Family Law Practice LLP after 6.5 years at Cafcass Legal representing only children through their guardians in High Court proceedings.  He has been involved in many reported and leading cases with issues ranging from medical treatment, child abduction, surrogacy to high conflict Children Act proceedings.  He has appeared as an Advocate to the Court on many occasions, sits as a children’s Arbitrator, has a healthy mediation practice and is on the Attorney General Panel of Special Advocates.

Alison Bushell

Alison is the founder and director of CFS.  She now practices as an Independent Social Worker and Expert Witness in Family Law.

She deals exclusively with private law cases but offers consultation on public law matters cases when needed.

Having had over two decades of Local Authority social work experience, she is able to offer advice on working with most client groups, although her expertise is mainly in the field of Child Protection.  She has also been a Children’s Guardian- public and private law- for 10 of her years in social work.

She has a particularly robust attitude to cases of Parental Alienation and has successfully helped several alienated parents reunite with their child/ren including where unavoidable, effecting and moreover managing a transfer of residence.

Hannah Markham QC

Hannah specialises in children law, both public and private. She has experience of judicial review proceedings involving family related law and community care law. She is often involved in cases involving serious allegations of abuse and the death of children.

Hannah specializes in contentious private law children cases often those with an international factor and or involving same sex cases.

Hannah was shortlisted as the Jordan’s Junior Family Law Barrister of the year in 2015.

A recently appointed Silk, Hannah is well recognised as being a thorough and consummately prepared practitioner with excellent client care skills and a team approach to all cases.