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Maintenance for Older Children

Webinar, Recorded on 9th July.

What's covered during our one-hour webinar

- What is the position when the child is over 16 and under 18?

- Can a parent apply on behalf of his or her child after the child is 18?

- Must a child over the age of 18 consent to any application?

- Does an order lapse if the child ceases to be in full time education, eg on a gap


- Should orders be made until the end of tertiary education regardless of the age of

  the child?

- Can part of any order for periodical payments paid by one parent be paid to the

  other parent after the child is 18?

- What is the position if the child is still in secondary education when he or she

  turns 18?

- How should the availability of student loans be approached?

- What if the child has his or her own financial resources?

- Is there any form of benchmark for the level of provision for a child in tertiary


- Should the Court make high orders in favour of the children of rich parents,

  regardless of the wishes of the paying parent?

- What are the special circumstance in which an order might be made for a child

  over the age of 18 who is not in full time education?

Presented by

Elizabeth Hicks, Partner, Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner

& Joe Switaliski, 29 Bedford Row

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CPD - 1 hour (SRA A2)

Recording format - mp4 with MS Power Point Slides.

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