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International Family Law Series - Focus on France

One hour podcast.

Recording 16th July, download from 17th July

Presented by

Françoise Bonnaillie-Valmorin, FBV Family Law

& Melanie Bataillard-Samuel, Expatriate Law


Introduction to the podcast

Welcome to the first of a webinar series to focus on family law and divorce updates in key jurisdictions around the world and how developments and cases affect the UK based family law practitioner.

I.     The news from France

a.     EU Regulation on Matrimonial property regime

b.     The “new” divorce by mutual consent

II.     Some main differences

a.     Unions and dissolutions

b.     Surrogacy

c.     Adoption

d.     Taxes

e.     Procedural differences

III.     Hints and Tips

a.     How to speak to French clients?

b.     Registration of English divorces in France

IV.     What is coming up in France?

CPD - 1 hour (SRA A2)

Recording format - mp4 with MS Power Point Slides.

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