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1 hour

Contentious Probate 2018 Review

Webinar - 25th October, 1.30 - 2.30pm, Live and available on demand


Charlotte John, of Hardwicke, and Tony Cockayne, from Michelmores LLP, will be offering a review of the key contentious probate and estates cases over the last 12 months and the lessons to be learnt, including:

Down on the farm:

Rounding up a bumper crop of proprietary estoppel cases including James v James, Thompson v Thompson, and Habberfield v Habberfield.

1975 Act claims,

Where are we now? Considering the recent decisions in Ball v Ball, Nahajec v Fowle, and Thompson v Ragget.

Where there's a Will, there's a ....contentious probate dispute: Reviewing  the issues thrown up by some of the year's most interesting probate disputes including the test for testamentary capacity, the difficulties of challenging knowledge and approval, witness formalities, and DNA testing.

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