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Valuing Assets During Divorce

Tuesday 11th February - Central London

Registration from 12.30pm

Part One

1.00pm Latest cases in disclosure of assets,

Martin Ward, Fourteen.

1.30pm A lawyer’s guide to interpreting financial statements

Sara Smith, Director, KPMG

2.00pm Dealing with start-ups: how to value them, and how you deal with them, especially in the context of tech and cryptocurrencies,

Andrzej Bojarski, 36 Family

2.30pm How to deal with non-matrimonial property,

Imogen Robins, Pump Court Chambers

Part Two

3.20pm Valuation of shares in a private company

Annette Barker, Director, KPMG

3.50pm Challenging expert valuations

Helen Williams, 29 Bedford Row

4.20pm How to deal with loans/gifts from parents, especially when no written provision exists,

Annie Ward, Pump Court Chambers

5pm Close

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