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Tax Issues in

Family Cases

Webinar Recording -

from 22nd April


Duration of recording - 1 hour


Income tax


          Maintenance payments;

          Interest on late payment of court debts.




          The year of separation and the importance of Form E;

          PPR, the matrimonial home and disposals in connection with divorce;

          CGT reporting obligations to HMRC from 6 April 2020;

          Transfer of business assets.


Remittance basis users, or divorces with an offshore background


          Relevant persons; spouses, ex-spouses and minor children;

          Income tax and CGT issues for remittance basis users on divorce.


Inheritance tax


          Transfers between spouses pre Decree Absolute v transfers between ex-spouses post

         Decree Absolute;

          Beware the non-UK domiciled spouse;

          S.10 IHTA and dispositions not intended to confer gratuitous benefit;

          Schedule 1 Trusts for minors;

          Mesher and Martin Orders.




          Transfers in connection with divorce


Misc. but important


          Pension sharing orders;

          The Proceeds of Crime Act 2002

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